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Who are we?

TechNation is Afghanistan's most innovative technology and consulting firm with a global reach and a local focus. We organize our activities in the following eight major areas: apps development, coaching and education, incubation and small business support, community technology, community media, PR and technology events, ICT market research and policy analysis.

Governed and managed by a team of top-notched entrepreneurs, technology experts, and practitioners, TechNation addresses technology needs of a diverse set of clients, we transform Afghanistan into a technology-enabled nation.

TechNation is proactively participating in national, regional and international technology platforms continuously updating its staff and network members on latest technology trends, business models and the needs of today’s industry. TechNation is an active member of National ICT Alliance of Afghanistan (NICTAA), National Business Incubation Association (NBIA), and Asia Pacific Telentre Network (APTN), and is a partner of Telecentre.org Foundation’s Telecentre Women, a multi-stakeholder partnership increasing women’s digital literacy across the globe.

Our Vision

TechNation envisions Afghanistan as a technology-equipped nation that is using and harnessing ICT as a platform for educational, social, and economic development.

Our mission statement is: Promoting IT as a unique solution for institutional development that will enable our customers to realize major value in their businesses and practices.
We are committed to enabling Afghanistan by:

  • Providing it with high quality design, development and infrastructure;
  • Sharing knowledge and experiences; and
  • Building technical and leadership skills of young women and men.


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Emerging as a tech leader in the country, TechNation aims to provide institutions and citizens with cutting-edge IT services and solutions. We offer a range of technology support services and solutions, including: eBusiness, eCommerce, eMarketing, eCampaigning, eGovernment, eApps and mApps, educational videos, skill building trainings, SME support, and software localization. With the years of experience our team has in the market we designed a unique set of services and solutions that we believe will transform your business and inspire your clients and staff.

Software Services

Apps Development
The TechNation team is comprised of qualified software engineers and experts in application development and technology integration for mobile, web, and desktop.
Software Localization
The team has years of experience on User Interface (UI) localization for large companies and brands such as Microsoft Corporation, Windows XP, Office 2003; Google Search...
Web Development, Hosting
TechNation builds interactive, compelling, user-friendly, informative websites. Our skills and experience in web systems development and integration will ensure that your website fits...

IT Consulting and Implementation

At TechNation we pride ourselves on having the best IT industry experts who understand the current state and future of information technology at national, regional and global levels. We help our clients in establishing a comprehensive, coherent and cost-effective IT infrastructure that can transform their businesses and address their IT needs. We offer support from creating a strategy that can ensure best business outcomes, to designing of your network, software ecosystem, IT security implementation, and infrastructure failure analysis. We develop IT strategies and implementation plans that can ensure the growth of your business and achieving its objectives over the next three to ten years, and longer.

Our IT Infrastructure Design and Implementation includes software identification, software setup, help desk, computer administration, infrastructure hardware and network design and installation of servers and switches both wireline and wireless. Our software maintenance goes through a corrective perfective, adaptive, block changes process. We Use ITL maturity assessments, Six Sigma, Lean methodologies to identify and deliver technology-enabled improvements in business process.

Our IT Consulting and Implementation services and solutions include:

  • Design and develop IT roadmaps, applications, and infrastructure
  • Infrastructure architecture design, development and test design
  • IT infrastructure redesign, upgrading and maintenance
  • Operational architecture design
  • ERP
  • Platform migration
  • Database design and migration
  • Workflow and management systems
  • Infrastructure failure point analysis
  • Human resource development and training
  • Specification documentation
  • Hosting and Cloud

Community Technology

TechNation enhances inter-community, people-people and people-government relations by using ICT as tool and strengthening community exposure to technologies. This helps improve lifelong learning for young people and adults. We build community technology centers (CTCs) and provide unique services to CTCs, telecentres, and call centers of physical setup, technology infrastructure development, business planning and execution

Through our distinct training programs we provide technical skills training, career development opportunities and resources to the telecentre managers and staff which helps establish, develop and sustain telecentres as businesses and social enterprises. We partner with people to create social and economic opportunities that can help change peoples lives and transform communities.

Our Community Technology services and solutions include:

  • Tele-center scope definition
  • Project planning and M&E
  • Business Planning
  • Quality assurance, Risk Assessments
  • Physical setup and Technology Infrastructure
  • CTC/ Telecentre staff training and skill building

Technology Incubation

TechNation has established Afghanistans first private incubator, TechWorks, ideation platforms, TechLabs and TechDeira. It has years of experience of working with Afghan entrappers, micro and small enterprises. [expand].

ICT Market Research, Policy Analaysis

TechNation helps ensure optimal application of technology means, establishment of efficient technology administration systems that increase access of the Afghan citizens to technology and information. We support the legislative and policymaking bodies to ensure that technology is utilized and deployed in a better way for future generations, is equitably used, information access rights are clearly defined and enforceable. We also support enabling the private sector to pelay a key role in economic growth, and helping sustain livelihoods.

TechNation's team has extensive experience in policy research and analysis using both qualitative and quantitative methods. Our policy analysis uses time-tested policy-cycle modeling, which defines the problem, identifies and evaluates alternatives, and makes recommendations for resolution. Our team has wide experience in research survey development, case studies, modeling on various ICT policy that helps minimize risk and maximize business opportunity. We help you understand the policy and regulatory environment of Afghanistan.


  • Conducting policy review to identify policy gaps and ensure that it provides citizens with an opportunity to access information and technology resources and the right to maximize their social welfare
  • Assisting in policy formulation to help the government develop forward looking public policies
  • Advocating for legislative and policy reform to ensure that our technology related legislation and policy is flexible, equitable and transparent
  • Advocating for policy reforms that serve the diverse interests of the Afghan citizens


- What we have done so far?

TechNation has successfully initiated number of programs, some of them in partnership with lead national and international institutions. Our programs play a pivotal role in enhancing the lives and livelihoods of the Afghan citizens. .


Afghanistan's first and fastest growing Community Technology Center improving lifelong learning for Afghan children, youth and adults. We do this by providing technology skills, career development opportunities, mentoring and leadership trainings, connectivity and networking opportunities.


Provides a platform for learning and sharing educational and teaching material for technology students, teachers, entrepreneurs and working professionals in Pashto, Dari and English languages. This includes textbooks, reading material, audiovisual, videos and tutorials.


A women-led, women-focused multi-stakeholder platform bringing together women in technology to learn, share experiences and collaborate. It helps increase women's participation in technology, governance, civil society and business and decrease the digital divide.


- Who we are?

TechNation's key assets are its highly skilled, experienced and dedicated staff who are closely connected with web, mobile and software development, system and networks enterprise, IT infrastructural development, policy research and academia. These strengths enable us to provide our unique set of solutions and services, and best practice advice to our clients. We pride ourselves on our teams capabilities to help our clients achieve success.

Omar Mansoor Ansari

- President

Omar Afghanistan's senior ICT executive and an award-winning technology entrepreneur. Since 1999, he has been an active part in shaping the local IT industry. He founded and worked with number of associations, networks, and built and supported startups that are taking active role in socioeconomic development on local, regional and international levels.

Baseer Ahmad Baheer

- Vice President

Baseer Ahmad Baheer is Afghanistan's top-notched web engineer with years of experience in teaching, developing technologies and creating tools and applications for desktop, web and mobile. He consults for the World Bank and teaches web systems and technologies at Kabul University.

TechNation's team is comprised of pioneers and highly experienced individuals who have a vast national and international experience. Our team has worked with renowned national and international institutions such as Afghan Computer Science Association (ACSA), National ICT Alliance of Afghanistan (NICTAA), Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), Afghanistan Localization Program, United Nations Agencies, International Development Research Center (IDRC), Microsoft Corporation, Wikipedia, One Laptop Per Child (OLPC), World IT and Service Alliance (WITSA), Global Telecentre Networks, The World Bank, USAID and its programs in Afghanistan, on software development and localization, web development, system analysis, databases development, policy research and analysis, IT strategies and so on.


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